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Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo, or 'Polo' as it is known by those who play it is one of the competitive disciplines of canoeing.

The game is played on a pitch that can be either indoor or outdoor. It is played by 2 teams of up to 8 players, 5 players from each team can be on the pitch at any one time. The aim of the game is to score in your opponents goal, which is suspended 2 metres above the water. The ball can be passed, dribbled or shot  by a player, using either their hand or the paddle. The full rule book can be found here.

The game can be played at any level, to suit the ability of those involved, at this time the Club has 4 teams playing at varying levels in the open leagues, 1 in women's league and 2 further youth teams, including 12 members who play at junior, under 21 and senior international level.

Recent Club Success

After a long break from competitive events, the 2021 National Champs held in Holme Pierre Point, Nottingham, Bridgend Sharks managed an impressive 4th placed finish in the Open Cup competition, while Bridgend Dolphins achieved both 4th in the Open Bowl competition and 2nd in the Youth Division. 



The year started of great with Bridgend Sharks placing in the top 6 of National Division 1 in the seeding tournament held in Nottingham, and following a hard fought season finished at a Club best of 6th. Bridgend Dolphins also managed to gain a place within the top 6 of National Division 2; however, due to the CoVID-19 pandemic, the leagues were halted before any further games could be played.



Adding to the success of 2018, Bethan Littlewood and Louise Saxon manage to improve on the result from last year and won the Women's Category at the European Championships in Portugal. In addition to this, Katie Howes and the Women's U21 team won silver in Portugal too!

Furthermore, Bridgend Sharks secured their space within National Division 1 for the following season with a strong 8th placed finish. While despite a strong performance throughout the year, Bridgend Dolphins narrowly missed out on promotion to National Division 2, placing 3rd after the final tournament.


2018 proved to be a great year for Bridgend Canoe Club on the world stage, with Henry Clark becoming a World U21 Men's Champion and Bethan Littlewood and Louise Saxon bring back silver in the Women's category. 

In addition to this Bridgend Sharks managed to win National Division 2 South and secure promotion to Division 1 and finished second in South West Regional Division 1. While Bridgend Orcas just missed out on promotion to Division 3 in National League, but made up for it by winning South West Division 3.


In early August Danny Muller & Lucas Reid became World Junior U14 Canoe Polo Champions at the International Junior Polo Champs held in Ireland, where they represented Great Britain in a mixed U14 team, and were undefeated for the entire week of competition. Henry Clark's U19 GB team came a very respectable 4th  in the U19's Gold League, narrowly missing a podium, while Eve Clarks U19 GB team came 8th in the Gold League, and Ben Muller's U19's team came 9th overall, gaining a Gold Podium for the Silver League.

At the end of August Bethan Littlewood and Louise Saxon competed in the European Championships, held in St. Omer, where their GB Ladies team finished 4th, only just missing out on a podium. Henry Clark also represented GB in the U21 men's category where they won gold, becoming the 2017 European Champions.

At the end of the year, National Champs held in Holme Pierre Point, Nottingham, Bridgend A (Sharks) managed to become the UK National Champions after a tough final against Liverpool's FOA, Sharks won the game just seconds into the first half of golden goal, with a quick shot from Nathan Littlewood, making the final score 2-1.

Our youth side had great results this Summer too. With 1st in Class 3 of the Joy Davis Hull International, as well as winning the South West regional Youth League, showing a promising future for the Club's polo.

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